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 Level 70 rogue, looking for new home :) [APPROVED]

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Level 70 rogue, looking for new home :) [APPROVED] Empty
PostSubject: Level 70 rogue, looking for new home :) [APPROVED]   Level 70 rogue, looking for new home :) [APPROVED] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 23, 2007 2:55 pm

Name: Synopsis
Class: Rogue
Level: 70

Are you willing to respec: Always, i don't see any reason for it right now thought.
Talent build: 42/3/16, can be changed to something more like 42/alot/not so much, for ultimate PvE dps.

Professions: Herb 375/BS 181, changing that to Engineering i think.
Can you craft rare items?: (list what): Nothing at all. Wish i could, but can't.

Last guild/s:
Immortality, Exodus, Enigma. Well, mostly all the guilds that were doing great then disbanding because if running into trouble like Veal in BWL or Ragnaros in MC.
Or GM getting accused for ninjaing

Reason for Leaving last guild?: Well, my last guild were Gnomes For Lunch, nothing really were supposed to be a PvE guild but since TBC only 6 were lvl 70.

List your resistance gear:
NR = Got told to pass this.
FR = Got told to pass this.
SR = Got told to pass this.

CTProfile: (remember to list your PVE gear):
Grondah inspected me, said it were looking good.

XP from any end game instances:
ZG, MC, AQ20 and Ony cleared. Never got through BWL because of the fat dragon Veal.

Do you know anyone in this guild who can recommend you: No, not a single one.

Working Mods/addons/programs you need to have: Don't have them all, but easy to download.
Decursive (if healer)
KTM threatmeter
CT_raid assist

We require our members to know english well enough to comunicate, and understand what is being said in Ventrilo.

Do you know english enough to fulfill the above condition?: Yes. I'm pretty sure i do.

Personal info: I'm a real life geek, who's going to school and playing this game.
Name: Steffen.
Age: 14, turning 15 the 11th of March. (I know it's young, but i can be mature.)

When can you raid? (be serious):
Weekends until the next morning, Wednesday 18:45-00:00. A random week day (After my own choice), from 18:00 to 00:00. Else i can raid the rest of the days 18:00-22:00.

Why do want to join us?:
Seems like a nice guild, hoping to get some raids started again, getting kind of bored just running around Shattrath.

Are you patient, and do you get frustrated easily by wipes etc?:
Yes i'm patient, and wiping over and over doesn't bother me that much, it's all a part of progress. (Unless a boss is bugged, that makes me wanna kill Blizzard ^^ )
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Level 70 rogue, looking for new home :) [APPROVED]
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