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 Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application

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Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application Empty
PostSubject: Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application   Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application Icon_minitimeSat Feb 24, 2007 11:17 am

Name: Ripped
Class: Rogue
Level: 70
Are you willing to respec: Yeah sure, i use swords atm, but i also have some nice daggers so i dont rly care on respeccing/using weaps
Talent build: 13/41/7
Professions: Leatherworking 367 / Nothing atm,Razz abandoned engineering wen it was getting buffed ./slap myself
Can you craft rare items?: (list what) Clefthood sed, huntard/rogue/dr00d/shammy FR gear and some other rare thinguies Razz hoping to get 375 for the set (elemental lw)
Last guild/s: New to the server
Reason for Leaving last guild?: New to the server

CTProfile: Dont have for this char, but i have 78 dps aldor exalted sword, terokks nightmace and shoulders of tier the others are blues ^^

XP from any end game instances: ZG, AQ20,MC Cleared, BWL up to chromaggus

Do you know anyone in this guild who can recommend you: New to the server Very Happy

Working Mods/addons/programs you need to have:
Ventrilo yeah, ofc
Decursive (if healer)
KTM threatmeter yeah
CT_raid assist yeah
BigWigs no^^

We require our members to know english well enough to comunicate, and understand what is being said in Ventrilo.

Do you know english enough to fulfill the above condition?: Ofc

Personal info:
Name: Aitor
Age: 19

When can you raid? (be serious): 17:45 - 00:00 every day ^^

Why do want to join us?: well im lf a guild wich is willing to raid and as im new to the serv i checked the forums and found u Very Happy

Are you patient, and do you get frustrated easily by wipes etc?:
Not if i wipe because of someones error i /slap em Razz xD ( vanish ftw)
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Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application   Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application Icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2007 2:43 pm

Seems good, I will contact you in game. bounce
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Ripped - 70 UD Rogue - Application
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