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 Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED]

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Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED] Empty
PostSubject: Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED]   Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED] Icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2007 10:25 am

1. Why do you want to join us?

Well, all guilds are looking for progress of some kind, but not all guilds are friendly and have a good time doing so. I'm looking for both, and I'm reliably informed by your guild ad that you're offering that Very Happy. I've never really managed to discover the social aspect of WoW since my IRL friends stopped playing, so I'm just looking for some fun, and ofc some hardcore raiding epix lol (j/k)

and also because on your forum, you reference Borat. I LIKE!

2. How active are you?

well I work (mon-fri, 9-5), I have an active social life, and a girlfriend, but I'm pretty active. atm, because of the expansion, I'm just playing on random weeknights, but when I was 60 and raiding I turned up for raids up to 4 or 5 times a week. as soon as there's some kind of structure, and schedueled raids, I can make sure I turn up for them. I also used to book Sunday afternoon for farming for pots etc.

3. Who do you know that is inside the guild?

I spoke to Grondah briefly about applying, but otherwise I don't know anyone. I recognise a lot of the names however, from hovering around Org as a lowb.

(I stole all the following stuff from another guild application template)

Location: Dundee in Scotland
Experience: I have been playing for almost a year now. Level 60 with a Warrior since October 06, also have 10+ years experience trolling forums. actual raiding experience only goes as far as ZG/AQ20/MC unfortunately, as I didn't really have much time to experience the old end-game before it got replaced.
Mods: previously had CT, Decursive etc installed for raiding. after patch when most mods got wiped, I replaced my default raiding mods, but never raided. I can obviously download and install anything that's necessary.
Teamspeak/Vent?: have TS installed now.

Equipment: there's no point pasting a CTProfile for what I have at the moment. My only pre-TBC gear is epic R14 helm and boots, and ZG bracers. the rest is replaced by quest/instance/AH blues that I've picked up during levelling. at 60, I had a combo of PvP gear (R10 earned before patch, AB/AV epics) and MC/ZG gear, with a couple of craftables (the usual Lionheart Helm/Titanic Leggings combo, with an epic chestpiece also)

Spec: at the moment I'm specced 36/21/2. I was specced DW Fury at level 60, but changed for some versatility during levelling. I took improved Thunderclap, improved Demo Shout/Battleshout, and Deepwounds to bring some off-tank utility stuff. I went as far into Fury as deathwish for DPSing, and I took MS/second wind in case some wise ass tried to gank me Very Happy

When I ding 70, and hopefully start Heroics/10 mans/25 mans, I plan on respeccing pure DPS. either 31/30 (MS+Flurry), 2H Fury with improved Slam, or good old fashioned DW Fury. I am also willing to retain my Arms/offtank spec if so desired.

Professions: I am currently powerlevelling my Blacksmithing, and plan on spending a spare afternoon powerlevelling Mining.

Are you patient, and do you get frustrated easily by wipes etc: Hell no!

any other questions, just whisper me or leave a message and I'm happy to answer

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Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED]   Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED] Icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2007 5:10 pm

YEY! A Fellow Scotsman king who uses teamspeak, I will tell you that we use ventrilo btw its pretty much the same just a different name Smile

Deserves an invite for bieng a scot imo Razz
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Application: Elohiiri, 68 Warrior [APPROVED]
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